What We Do?

Acquiex Industrial Solutions provide comprehensive industrial solutions for Growing Industries, whether they are starting up or standalone and facing difficulties.

Second Representative

We support the company as the second representative for the orientation of the situation/ acquire work materials/ details receive and to pass on briefing between two different agency and a group monitoring incident status, and complete any forms or documentation.

Involvement with People

Dealing with "people" issues in a positive manner, respond to complaints, address concerns and work to establish accommodation needs. We consider people's issue as ours and hence give them best possible solution! We participate as an intermediator between people's issue and solution.

Government of Gujarat

Interacting with various GOG departments for resolving matters pending with dept & following it on regular basis. Departments such as Revenue, Finance, Industry, Forest & Environment, Gujarat Pollution Control Board, PETA for animal rights, GITCO, BSF, Sales Tax Exemption.

No Objection Certificate

Obtaining NOC’s from various departments, like Air, Water & Hazardous Wastes from GPCB, Industry dept for land allotment, Electricity Duty Exemption, taking permission from different Govt. departments and elected bodies/authorities.

Corporate Affairs

Acquiex liaison can handle overall operations of Corporate Affairs, Public Relations (PR) and Liaison with Government, Elected bodies, Diplomatic agencies, media and various NGO’s and stake holders.

Aquire Leases

Buying Private land from farmers for Companies upcoming projects and obtaining NA Title. We also facilitate in getting Leases renewed from various departments of GOG.


Acquiex liaison will maintain relationship management with Bureaucrats, Government Authorities, Municipal Corporation at senior level government agencies etc.


Using cutting edge technologies and following best business process management practices, we help manufacturers reduce time to market and develop superior quality products