What do we offer?

We are glad to introduce a latest technology product which assures 100% protection against damages from Lightning,Surge and transient over voltages with inbuilt Digital grounding and bonding.

The system do not required to be buried under ground. The product works with energy conversion techniques and ensures earth to neutral voltage (i.e. less than 1.0 Volts). The DSS is a Digital Grounding Apparatus with Digital Surge Suppressor for Indirect Lighting Surge Protection with inbuilt Low Impedance Ground and Static charge eliminator.

Environment for Lightning & Surge Protection is changed as below so should some adopt difficult Concept of Protection

  • Today most of electronic, communication, data systems or connected under network.
  • IC Chips become high integrated level with very thin internal Circuit which is very weak from Surge intrusion.
  • Global Warming occurs more frequent lightning, multi-stage lightning (not simple single lightning) which normal surge protective device could not care.
  • Nearby Direct Lightning affects your systems under GPR effect (Ground Potential Rise) which is shown very frequently at out-door or isolated buildings and facilities.

DSS will provide ideal protection with integrated Surge & Spike Protection for the Digital Electronics. In the Protection Zone, Common Low Impedance Grounding, Equi-Potential Function, Surge & Static elimination via energy conversion function and does not require separate grounding & creates a Lowest Impedance path for leakage, Surge/Spike to convert into heat energy.

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Abnormal Electrical Characteristics.

Against Poor/Failed Grounding.

Remove earth to neutral stray voltage.

Does not require separate grounding.

Protection from electrical noise.

Certified and Approved by CE & CPRI.

DSS for Every Industry

Automobile Industries

Engineering Industries

Software Development

IT Companies

Pharma Industries

Cables Manufacturer

Pumps Manufacturers


Plastic Industries

Plastic Injection Molding Machineries

Wooden furniture Manufacturer

Solar Industries

Travel & Hospitality

SME Industries

Extruded Products & Parts Manufacturer

Printing Industries